Cherokee Triangle & Bonnycastle  Neighborhoods Plan


Click here to view the slide deck from the Neighborhood Plan presentation on December 8th.


For the most up-to-date news about the CTB plan, including video recordings of meetings, please visit the CTB Plan Website. There is a lot of information on that website, and a variety of tools they are using to gather feedback. You will find video recording of meetings as well.


Many of you made generous donations towards the Cherokee Triangle and Bonnycastle Neighborhoods Plan -- thank you! It will be an investment into our shared future.


Currently, the consultant firm is actively working on the first draft of the Neighborhood Plan. After that, they will gather more feedback from residents of both neighborhoods.


What is a neighborhood plan?


Neighborhood plans are intended to address the planning needs and policy goals of a community. They allow a community to become proactive in response to neighborhood issues and concerns as opposed to reactive. The plan must be prepared in accordance with Chapter 161 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances. The process is guided by an advisory group, whose members are tasked with identifying important neighborhood issues, engaging with the community, and providing input to the planning team on the direction and recommendations of the plan.


Cherokee Triangle & Bonnycastle Neighborhoods Plan


The Cherokee Triangle and Bonnycastle Neighborhoods Plan is an opportunity for two historic Highlands neighborhoods to envision a more connected, healthy, authentic, sustainable, and equitable future. This plan brings together these adjacent neighborhoods, which are situated between two of Louisville’s most iconic spaces: Bardstown Road and Cherokee Park. The plan was initiated by Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8), in partnership with the Cherokee Triangle Association and Bonnycastle Homestead Association.


This plan aims to strike a delicate balance between preserving the rich history of these neighborhoods while developing a proactive strategy for continued success and evolution. To achieve this goal, the planning team will engage the community throughout the planning process, with the help of the Cherokee Triangle Association, Bonnycastle Homestead Association, and plan advisory group.