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Enhance BHA’s Canopy by Sponsoring a Tree!  

BHA continues partnering with the city to plant up to 50 trees in the easements along our streets. In accordance with the city’s guidelines, tree species will be selected for best long-term success with smaller, understory trees planted under electrical lines and larger, canopy trees planted where they have room to spread out. At planting, these saplings will have 2-2 1/2” thick trunks and already be quite tall. 


BHA’s tree committee is in the process of prioritizing where these trees will do the most good. Selection criteria include the canopy quality at the planting site as well as the owner’s willingness to water the tree. If you are interested in getting a tree in front of your house, please email


Although the city is donating the trees, each retailing for $400+, BHA must cover the cost of getting them planted. The number of trees we plant will depend on how much money we raise. Each tree will cost approximately $100 to plant. With your help I hope we can say yes to every one of these 50 trees and do it again next year!  


Please give some thought to the impact 50 trees could have on our streets over the coming decades and consider making a donation below.  Click here to make your donation.


$150 - Tree Hero

$100 - Canopy Champion

$50 - Arbor Advocate



Thank you!

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Cherokee Triangle/Bonnycastle Plan
The March 10 deadline for public comments on the combined Cherokee Triangle/Bonnycastle Neighborhood Plan that will guide development through 2040 has passed, but the proposal can still be read at the link provided. 

As you look at this, you'll see this is an organic document.  It contains about 15 items that will require continuing action from the Board and our residents


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Metro Council Representative for District 8 Selected


Ben Reno-Weber has been selected by the full Metro Council to fill the vacant seat for District 8.


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The Week Ahead 


Wild Lights at the Louisville Zoo. March 10-May 21 The popular lantern festival is back in a WHOLE NEW WAY! Experience unique locations from around the world as you stroll through the Zoo under the light of enormous, handcrafted, silk-covered lanterns. Don’t miss the thrilling sights of the region’s largest lantern festival with thousands of lanterns aglow with more than 50,000 LED light bulbs.


Dramatic archways illuminate the way on a magical journey encompassing the famous landmarks, flora and fauna of six continents. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Sydney Opera House, to the Hall of Supreme Harmony and the Great Sphinx of Giza, displays celebrating these breathtaking global sites will amaze guests of all ages. 1100 Trevilian Way.


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Bonnycastle Cares! Children's Clothing Drive Through March 31 at Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Kitchen!




Children in many of the schools need basic clothes, especially underwear and socks.  The Family Resource Centers provide clothing, but their cupboards are bare.


Dawn Urrutia, Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Company owner, is collecting children's clothes through March at her store.


Bring gently used children's clothing, new socks and underwear, shoes, and spring coats to The Georgia Sweet Potato Pie Company 1559 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205.  

While you're there, enjoy a mini-sweet potato pie, cupcake, coffee, or more!  What a sweet treat for the family and a way to support children!


The store is open Wednesday through Sunday. Check it out! Your contributions will really help the children.



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Buy a Bonnycastle T-Shirt!

In an effort to support our neighborhood businesses, we have made licensing arrangements to allow Dirty Tease to print and sell clothing with our official BHA logo. (At this time, Dirty Tease is the only person that BHA has authorized and licensed to print or sell any item with our BHA logo.) You can buy unisex short-sleeved T-shirts through this link: — simply click on the design, and select color and size. Before checking out, be sure to select the option “Pickup” if you want to avoid shipping costs. Women’s fitted T-shirts, children’s sizes, hoodies, and additional clothing options are available in the store. You can even try them on first! Or bring your own solid T-shirt to be printed on. Dirty Tease is located at 1551 Bardstown Road, and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. through 6 p.m.


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Welcome to the Bonnycastle Homestead Association

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The Bonnycastle Homestead area is a part of Louisville's Highlands, between Bardstown Road and Cherokee Park, and between Eastern Parkway and Speed Avenue. Built up during the late 1800s through the early 1900s, and experiencing some decline in the 1950's and 1960's, the neighborhood is now alive and prospering. Residents are happy with their tree- shaded streets, their graceful older homes, their closeness to the cultural offerings of downtown, and the friendly atmosphere. The neighborhood is vitalized by a diversity of ages and occupations. In recent years, this has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Louisville; property values are rising, and houses sell rapidly.


The Bonnycastle neighborhood boundaries are defined by Bardstown Road, Eastern Parkway, Cherokee Road, and Speed Avenue, as pictured in brown region of map below:


(image taken from - Cherokee Triangle & Bonnycastle Neighborhoods Plan)