Tree Planting Initiative


In 2015, BHA volunteers planted 65 trees around the neighborhood, and they are still thriving. In the years since, leveraging an MSD grant, BHA has planted over 350 trees at a significantly discounted rate for BHA members. Residents choose the species and location (front yard, back yard, side yard), and volunteers from around the neighborhood plant the trees in late fall. We plan to continue planting trees this fall, so if you are interested, be sure to subscribe to our Tree Planting news.


Why are we so interested in planting trees? 


Louisville’s tree canopy is at 37% and losing 150 trees per day.  Many of the trees in BHA were planted 50+ years ago.  By planting NOW the gaps left when our aging trees are removed can be filled and the beauty and livability of this community preserved for future generations.   
Why are trees so important? 

  • Absorb storm water before it enters the sewer system
  • Reduce erosion
  • Reduce flooding by soaking up rainwater
  • Provide shade and moderate temperatures
  • Remove carbon dioxide from our air and add oxygen
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Provide wildlife habitat
  • Increase neighborhood property value


List of Available Trees

In accordance with the MSD grant, BHA’s planting will focus on canopy trees.  Also called shade trees, canopy trees are typically large with thick canopies or foliage coverings.  Some well-known canopy trees include oaks, maples and birches. 

There are many available trees of varying heights and with different features, and selecting the right tree for the right place is important.  Email Bonnycastle Homestead Association here ( if you are interested in having trees planted on your property and guide you through the selection process. Tree planting is generally done in October.


Tall Canopy Trees:
Bur Oak
Chestnut Oak
Chinkapin Oak
Northern Pecan
Pin Oak
Red Maple
Red Oak
River Birch
Scarlet Oak
White Oak
Willow Oak

Medium-Height Trees:
Black Gum
Eastern Red Cedar
Hop Hornbeam

Ornamental Trees:

Japanese Tree Lilac

Tree Forms

(agreement must be signed before tree can be ordered)


BHA Memorandum of Agreement - 2021


Division of Community Forestry Agreement - 3rd Party Memorandum of Agreement (easement trees only)


Link to purchase trees (please do not submit until AFTER your tree consultation):


Tree Maintenance

These pdfs are from Louisville Grows and provide helpful info about planting and tree maintenance.


Planting With Love Louisville Trees

Tree Care Guide


Recommended Trees for Louisville